my husband … had been begging me for years

Had a blast doing a Pin-Up themed shoot with this amazing lady, for her husband… and this is first for me… they BOTH wrote a review. He is deployed over seas and I think the precision of his word choice speaks to the exceptional level of his service. Thank you RG we are grateful!

From Her:
I was hesitant about doing this but my husband was coming home from a deployment and had been begging me for years to do pin up photos for him. Right from the start Gerald made me smile. He helped me find my confidence and by the middle of the shoot I felt empowered. I was asked my opinion on poses, I voiced my thoughts and what I wanted on certain shots and he ran with it. When he emailed me my link I had to pull over to view them and was so excited I woke my husband up overseas to look at them. I’m thankful  he took away the stretch marks and left all my curves. I’m looking forward to hiring him for our family photos.

From Him:
Absolutely fantastic, is about the only way I can adequately describe the quality of the photos.  The only complaint I have, I wish there were more! The lighting was well done, the high resolution photos were a great quality that has a lot of fidelity.  The poses and photographs were all tastefully done.  I couldn’t be happier.
All in all, I’d say this is the best gift any wife can give to her husband.Pin