“It’s like I am holding myself differently…”

“I do have to say that, at first, this was one of the scariest things for me to do. I have never loved myself or my body enough to take pictures like that. Never would I have ever thought that this experience would help me so much. I went into this whole thing as a gift for my hubby … and came out looking at myself differently some how. I look at those pictures and think “man that is me”. I have showed them to a select few people and they express to me how amazing I look. My husband still has no idea that I have taken these but ever since Saturday he has showed me so much more affection and commented me on my curves and my sexiness. It’s like I am holding myself differently some how. I know that might sound weird but you have showed me something about myself I have never really seen before. I see myself as a working mom of 3 kiddos, a maker of beds and meals, a fixer of boo boos and broken toys, and a cleaner of a whole entire house. Never have I seen myself as a sexy wife for my husband. I have to thank you for that. So thank you so much for capturing the other side of me.”