It was AMAZING!!!

I am 5 months post partum. Not in my best body but I’ve worked hard since being released after 8 weeks to work out & take my supplements! Muse does an amazing job. I was so comfortable and to my surprise did this completely sober! Haha, not one glass of wine needed! That’s how awesome he was! If you think to yourself, that you aren’t ready…your body isn’t in “shape enough” or you just have some inside fears….let them GO! I AM SO HAPPY that I made an appointment and he totally worked with me! My baby isn’t taking a bottle, just the boob. Exclusively breast feed and Well, he went along! We still got it done in a timely manner. But he adored my son. Played with him between wardrobe changes and poses. It was AMAZING!!! Made both my and my husband’s Saturday so much easier!
If your scared, nervous, making excuses….LET THEM GO!