Most Popular Reasons for NOT doing a Boudoir Shoot … and why they are not so convincing

M-28Reason 1: “I want to lose (??) Pounds first”
We all probably have things we want to work on, lets talk about the areas you want to focus on and what you want to avoid … as a professional photographers I know lighting and posing techniques to flatter all body types… to minimize areas of concern and maximize your assets. Take a quick look at what Stacy wrote. What if you are stunning, beautiful, and amazing right now but stress and the business of “day to day” life has made it difficult for you to see it? What if you took a giant leap, had an awesome adventure, felt sensational and empowered, and ended up with beautiful images to forever remind you of it?


Reason 2: “I cannot afford it”
Its really all about “value” rather than “cost”… the value to you as a woman. As I said in “Reason #1” … it’s an adventure that leaves you feeling amazing, and empowered and you will have a collection of images to forever remind you of how fantastic you are, and how you felt. On “one of those days”, and we all have them, when life tries to beat you down a little… you pull out that album, and remember. What is the value of that?